India eVisa
India eVisa
E visa To India

1. What Is E-Visa To India

Basically an e visa is a short form of an electronic visa. Which permit permission to the international passengers to travel and enter across the world. For business, medical visits and also for tourism. And if we talk about e visa to India this is the same basic online process that allows foreign people to enter India.
And in this process of making e visa, it is not necessary to submit your documents and passport to the consulate. Because the whole process can be done by online application, the very trustable site which you can use for making your e visa to India.

eVisa to India – Online Application form

Visa to India
Visa to India

2. Who Requires An E Visa To India?

E visa aka electronic visa is issued to foreign nationals to visit India for a specific period of time for their various purpose, which is very convenient and all of their personal information are stored electronically so they do not need to submit their documents. Especially people use this for short term business visits, visiting relatives and friends.

eVisa India
eVisa India

3. How To Get An E Visa To India?

You can apply for it online just by following few points
1. Upload your photo and passport.
2. Paly online fees, you can use your debit card, credit card or any other paying method.
3. You will receive your ETA, which is electronic travel authorization in your e-mail.
4. Print it out and show it at the immigration check post.

eVisa to India – Online Application form

5. The Validity Of E Visa?

The validity of the Indian e visa is 4 months after the day it was issued. It’s up to you can visit any date within 4 months. But it will be not valid after 4 months.

6. How Long Can You Stay In India?

The validity to stay in the country for visa holders is 60 days it depends on nationality. And traveler should carry a visa in print form while traveling.

7. What Is The Entry Type?

Double-entry- In a double-entry type visa, you can enter India for the second time at any dad under the visa validity time. Double entry is given to e-tourist visa and e-business visa.

Triple entry- in mid-triple entry type you can enter a maximum 3 times in a year and it is not extendable and this entry is only permitted on a medical e visa.

8. When You Have To Apply For E Visa?

There is no need to go to any embassy for making a visa the only thing you need to have is a passport with at least 6 month validity and you have to apply for e visa last 120 up to 34 days before departure, no later than 4 months.

To apply online for the visa on time according to your plans by doing this you maintain the validity of your visa. And then you will be ready to fly.

9. Do you have to print It?

Yes’ it is must when you get your visa in your e-mail because you have to show it at immigration check post so keep this thing in mind don’t forget to keep that printout with yourself.

10. How Long Your Passport Has To Be Valid?

If you want to apply for India electronic visa your passport needs to be valid for a minimum of 6 months maximum it can be 365 days. But without the minimum validity limit, you can apply for e visa.

India eVisa Application form
India eVisa Application form

eVisa to India – Online Application form

11. Can you arrange The E Visa On Arrival?

Sounds easy but no. You need to do plan and arrange it ahead so that you can show it at the immigration check post.

12. Is overstay possible in this country?

No, overstay is not possible in this country you can stay here only till your visa is valid.

eVisa to India – Online Application form

13. The Benefit Of Using Our E Visa To India And Our Online Service

This is so clear that India is the country where people visit from all over the world to explore the beauty and culture of this place, so you people should visit this country once in a life.

And as per the above information, it is so clear how easy it is to apply for e visa to India and you should use our online service which you can visit by just one click on the given link, which is the most trustable site.